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2017 Busan Live Demonstration 1
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Renewme Skin Clinic Seminar was successfully held on May 21th at Lotte Hotel in Busan.
Doctors from all 7 branches as well as guests from other clinics and companies attended to share information on the major medical/cosmetic treatments done at our clinic. The doctors from other countries also participated in the seminar. After a series of presentations, live demonstration was performed for other doctors to observe and receive themselves.

The directors of all seven branches, with foreign doctors from India and Thai

Prior to our main seminar on Sunday, May 21th was a relatively moderate event with several topics and Live demonstration. Attending the training session was a clinic from Anna clinic and Absolute Beauty Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand and also Kaya Skin Clinic in India. The seminar was held at Busan branch, under Dr. Yang Yun Seoks supervision.

Before the procedure, Dr. Yang started opening speech with Korean Insurance programs and he provided a general overview and explained the principles of treatements and techniques used in our clinic. Each doctors presented about the main skin treatment with case study and research.


The first half consisted of lectures by Renewme Skin Clinic dermatologists, covering a broad

 range of topics:

·                     Laser treatment for Onychomjycosis

·                     Acne and Acne scar

·                     Mini-liposuction, contouring injection

·                     Laser for freckles, pigmentation, LDM

·                     Real case of filler side-effect treatment

·                     Wrinkle improvement and lifting treatment

·                     Hair transplant, vitiligo epidermal graft

·                     Birthmarks treatment by Nd:yang

Each presentation contained real cases and examples from the doctors’ own experiences applications and indications/contraindications for treatment, and even side effects and ways to manage them, and other details not easily accessible. In the afternoon, a series of live procedures followed the presentations in which doctors could observe and experience some of the treatments mentioned in the presentations.

In live demonstration, Dr. Kim first started to show filler demonstration hands-on course. 
He explained how need to inject for each area and talked about his experience by different patients and showed the demo in details. The other doctor got valuable information and tried to inject filler on real face area. 

Next, Dr. Ko started the procedure Mini-liposuction with explaining every step in detail. She informed us on how to maneuver the equipment, ways to design the area before operation, how to determine the success rate of treatment, tips on choosing the right candidate, her professional opinion on various techniques used by other doctors, and other valuable information.


Also, Dr. Ha carefully instructed the doctors from other contouries as they treated the patients face for thread lifting, silhoutte. On this day, foriners doctors from other conturies learned about the different methods used for thread lifting, as well as how to design and treat thread to efficiently make balance and lift on the face, and natural volume for the skin. Silhouette lifting is a procedure that intensive lifting effect with natural volume and longest lasting the skin, afterwards regenerating new collagen foramation and face controuing for all ages including elders.


 Dr. Yang from Seocho branch with foreign doctors from India and Thai

The seminar held successfully at Lotte Hotel and the clinic in Busan.
All Doctors from all 7 branches as well as guests from other clinics shared medical information on the latest techniques and live demonstration at our clinic. The doctors from other countries also spend valuable time and got the certification of seminar. They wanted to participate in next seminar with Renewme.

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