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2017 Busan Live Demonstration 2
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After the presentation, we had a live dermatology at Renewme at Busan. First, we do have Mini-liposuction for lower& upper belly for female patient. We had Hands courses; mini-liposuction, thread lifting (silhouette), Dermal filler, SHURINK, DNA self-corium.

[Live Hands-on course] Mini-liposuction

First, we design for the targeted area for fat out that real fat extracted and check on your own two eyes after treatment. The treatment helps fat directly without the risks or downtime.

Dr. Ko from Hwagok designed the targeted area for lower belly. Also, she started to extract fat first and explained which area you need to fat out with cautions for Mini-liposuction.

Also, other doctors also tried to extract real fat and they also experienced Mini-liposuction by Hands-on course at the seminar. From the hands-on course, the doctors got the tips how we can do and how we avoid it.

Doctors tried to extract fat by themselves and they had really good experience at the seminar. The seminar helped doctors to have more valuable time to them.

That is fat we extracted from the patients. Doctors extracted about 6 bottles.

After treatment, patients need to exercise and care about weight then it can showed the effective result for keeping the weight.

[Live Hands-on course] Dermal Filer

Fillers are injection of Hyaluronic acid for wide variety of purposes like wrinkle removal,heightening the nose bridge, and adding volume for the lips/face. It also helps for regenerating skin cell to restore youth. So, our patients at Renewme found Dermal filler with safe and certified filler products that approved by FDA, KFDA, CE. Also, our doctors have many experiences for the filler and they do regular medical seminar every year to share their knowledge and skills. In this time, we also have a plan for Filler hands-on course at Busan seminar.

Filler is important to show the area naturally in any other angles. It’s better to have filler injections in dermatology clinic from dermatology specialists. The doctors have many knowledge and skills from regular seminar. So if patients want to have safe products and skill come to the clinic and get fillers! J

In the seminar, the doctors usually have the treatment and get experiences to know the patients. It’s really helpful to get tips that they can know the pain. Also, they can explain more about treatment how it’s painful and how it lasts and how to manage/ application for other treatments and even side effects and ways to set it up with combination depending on patient’s skin condition.

Renewme Skin Clinic has regular seminar every year and we do research and practice for safe procedure from extended experiences because the filler injected area is various and many targeted, so patients need to have a consultation with dermatology specialists.

[Live Hands-on course] Thread Lifting, Silhouette

Thread lifting, silhouette is a non-surgical lifting using a special medical thread with Polylactic acid (PLA) and it dissolved in the body.  It’s has patented cone-shaped thread to help collagen regenerate skin layer with volume and lifting effects.

In the seminar, we separated two people for 20’s and 30’s in different case. In 20’s age, the patient needs to have contouring for face line with balance

Over 30’s age, the patient needs to have double chin, deep wrinkles around the lips from sagging skin. So, the doctors recommend the patients which treatments are suitable and which treatment is accepted with combination. 

[Live Hands-on course] Lifting laser, SHURINK

Shurink is the latest upgrade in HIFU and it can treat a wide range in anti-aging for face lifting, tightening, and facial contouring. It’s faster, less painful and more efficient with no downtime.

[Live Hands-on course] DNA Self-corium for Acne & Acne scar

DNA Self-corium is a treatment for the depressed scar from Acne. Its injected CO2 to make air pocket into the skin dermal layer and it’s also injected DNA solution with H.A to regenerate collagen in damaged skin cell for improving the depressed scar.

From red circle, it’s making air pocket injected by CO2 and H.A solution. After formation of air pocket, it helped to cut off the tissue from the scar. It’s a principle to fill up the skin cell from collagen. Check out our website for the detail about DNA self-corium.


This is 2017 Live Demonstration, Busan, Renewme. We thank you for all doctors, staffs and other participations. We are also planning the seminar soon! If you are interested in applying the seminar, contact us! Don’t hesitate to ask us! We always welcome you! J

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